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The story behind GoFiit Nutrition

GoFiit is a healthy prep meal company that delivers tasty, restaurant-quality food to your door. No preservatives, no processed food, no nonsense. It was founded by a firefighter and a restauranteur. An unlikely pairing, maybe. But both have an incredible passion for healthy food, living well, and achieving.

The firefighter, Andrew, and Eron the restaurateur met in their early 20s at a kickboxing class. Andrew taught the class, was nationally ranked in kickboxing and was studying for a sports science degree. Eron was already a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and wanted a new challenge. After the class, Eron had one question for Andrew: “How do you get your arms that size?!” There was no doubt that Eron was physically fit. He began each of his training sessions with ‘a quick 5k run’. He could keep pace with Andrew in training. And he figured that, because of all that exercise, he could eat whatever he wanted. Pizza, curries, burgers. Surely the ‘quick 5k’ cancelled out the bad effects of that diet – right? But despite his training, Eron still had a bit of a belly. He wanted rid.

Andrew told him his nutrition had to change. Andrew explained the positive results from eating meals based around the building blocks of a healthy human body: fat, carbs and protein. When the three work in perfect balance – known as the macronutrient approach – you’re able to achieve far more than you thought previously possible. The years passed. The 5ks continued. Though Eron was stronger than ever, the belly remained. Reluctantly, Eron agreed to take Andrew’s advice and follow his approach to nutrition. The result? No more belly. Shredded abs and a great physique.

Despite the demands of their professional lives, Eron and Andrew kept health, fitness and great nutrition at the core of everything they did. They ran half marathons and Tough Mudders together. They set themselves the challenge of being in their best shape ever when they turned forty. But when they looked around at all their fellow fitness enthusiasts, they realised that though their peers trained hard, they were not getting the results they wanted. It was Eron’s story time and time again. But this time, they had the answer. And so GoFiit Nutrition was born. Andrew’s experience and training combined with Eron’s catering know-how was the perfect combination. They could provide delicious, prep meals tailored to the individual, help people to get the results they want and to get healthier in the process.

“Our food is about achieving goals; our vision is about who you become in pursuit of those goals. Food plays such a huge role in living healthier, happier and longer. Our meals are designed around your goals and your nutritional needs, helping you to progress along your journey – whatever that journey may be.”

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Registered Dietitian, Sport Nutritionist, BDA Diabetes Specialist, Qualified Chef.

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Restraunteur and CEO - Operating Manager.

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Sports Nutritionists and CEO - Marketing and Sales Manager.