Trial Package – Fat Loss – 6 meals


Transform your physique without forgoing delicious food (and with added convenience). This ready-prep meal plan is big on flavour and contains all the nutrients you need to support your efforts and maximise fat loss.

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Transform your physique with great tasting food every day.  Shifting body fat doesn’t have to mean forgoing flavour! This meal plan contains all the nutrients you need to maximise fat loss.

  • Ideal for promoting maximum fat loss while maintaining a healthy body. This is fat loss the right and healthy way.
  • Ideal for a fitness enthusiast training at a moderate to high intensity.
  • High protein, low carb meals to accelerate fat loss.
  • A reduction in calorie intake from carbohydrate sources while maintaining energy levels during your active hours.
  • A variety of healthy fat sources for better vitamin absorption and hormone regulation to encourage fat loss.
  • Meals are made from wholefood ingredients, precision measured and nutritionally balanced to help you achieve your goal of getting rid of unwanted fat.
  • Enjoy exciting lean protein sources with flavourful, nutrient-dense, low-calorie vegetables.

Meal package includes vegetarian meals.


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Please select 6 meals and checkout above.