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Delivery information

  • Yes! We can deliver to your work place please make sure you input your work address before payment when you are at the checkout page.

    • Orders received by Friday 12pm will be delivered On TUESDAY
    • Orders received by Monday 12pm will be delivered On FRIDAY
    • Some deliveries May occur on Mondays and Thursdays but we will let you know if this is the case.
    • All collection orders from store are on Mondays and Thursdays 9am to 5pm 3 the oval Stevenage SG15RA

How it works

  • All charges for meals and deliveries are up front and due on your initial purchase. There are no additional charges unless you require bespoke meals as part of your order.

    If you would like an additional service like an online coach to do your training programme or a consultation with a dietician for special dietary needs or issues. We will make arrangements for these, which will incur additional charges. Please contact for more information.

    1. Figure out what you want to achieve: your personal health or fitness goal Fat Loss, lean gain or balanced meals.
    2. Choose the package that will get you the results you want from the Main meal – Order meal.
    3. Select the number of days and meals you would like and choose your meals from the menu.
    4. Once your order is received, meals are then prepared with precision cooked by expert chefs and packed for complete freshness.
    5. Your meals are then delivered to your door on your selected start date.
  • Individual Lunch and dinner meals range between £6.50-£8.00

    By purchasing a meal package, you can reduce the cost per meal to as low as £5.00 per meal

  • We require a minimum of 4 days Notice to prepare your food, our deliveries are twice a week Tuesdays and Fridays.

    • GoFiit is a healthy meal prep company that delivers delicious, restaurant-quality fresh food to your door, no processed food, no nonsense.
    • GoFiits macronutrient tailored approach is about great results from great tasting food.
    • Each meal is designed to help you achieve your specific goal by using the magic of macros.
    • We use the secrets the best fitness athletes in the world use to achieve their extraordinary physiques. The best part is we do all the hard work for you.

Meal information