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Our food speaks for itself

Why we are different

Rosemary Sliced Beef by GoFiit

All our ranges follow the same protein and carb amount so every meal will have the same % of macros.

Cajun Chicken by GoFiit

Fat loss 50% protein 30% carbs,
Lean Gain 40% protein 40% carbs,
Balanced 30% protein 50% carbs.

Chicken Curry by GoFiit

Largest menu in the UK.

Why choose GoFiit Nutrition?

Meals designed by nutritionists and cooked by our expert chefs

We only use fresh ingredients.

Save time with no prepping, cooking and cleaning

Nationwide delivery twice a week in our chilled packaging for complete freshness.

Reheat and ready to eat in 3 min.

Customise and change your meals anytime.

Eco-friendly packaging.

Who we are

We at GoFiit are a healthy meal prep delivery company that delivers delicious, restaurant-quality food to your door. No preservatives, no processed food, no nonsense. Food plays a massive part in achieving your health and fitness goals. Our meals are designed around your goals and your nutritional needs, helping you to progress along your journey. The best bit is that it’s all based on research by nutritionists and dieticians. Our meals use the building blocks of a healthy human body: proteins, fats and carbs. Balanced in a way unique to you – fuelling your body towards achieving any health, fitness or lifestyle achievement.

How it works

Choose your goal

Select your meal choices

Our expert chefs will cook and prepare your meals

We deliver to your home or workplace twice a week


GoFiit takes food safety very seriously, so your food is prepared, cooked and stored to the highest standards.

Food Hygiene Rating - Very Good

Become a Fitness Associate

Our meals are designed by sports nutritionists and prepared by expert chefs to help you and your clients achieve your goals. We are sure to be a great fit for you because we designed our meals specifically to complement what you do as a fitness professional.

  • Earn commission from every transaction with generous commission rates.
  • Your clients will be assured of great results from our goal focused menu of delicious food.
  • GoFiit will refer clients to you which means more business for you.
  • Get up to 50% discounts on meals and merchandise.
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Meal Prep Delivery with GoFiit

Our food is about achieving goals; our vision is about who you become in pursuit of those goals. Food plays such a huge role in living healthier, happier and longer. Our meals are designed around your goals and your nutritional needs, helping you to progress along your journey – whatever that journey may be.

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