Restaurant-inspired healthy meals

Tailored to your goals


Restaurant-inspired healthy meals

Tailored to your goals


Restaurant-inspired healthy meals

Tailored to your goals


GoFiit is a healthy meal prep company that delivers delicious, restaurant-quality food to your door. No preservatives, no processed food, no nonsense. 

Food plays a massive part in achieving your health and fitness goals. Our meals are designed around your goals and your nutritional needs, helping you to progress along your journey.

The best bit is that it’s all based on research by nutritionists and dieticians. Our meals use the building blocks of a healthy human body: proteins, fats and carbs. Balanced in a way unique to you – fuelling your body towards achieving any health, fitness or lifestyle achievement.

Why choose GoFiit Nutrition?

Always fresh, never frozen – restaurant-quality food designed by chefs

A healthy approach to nutrition focused on balancing carbs, fats and proteins

All the convenience, none of the guilt. This is meal prep with a difference.

Delivery to home or work – wherever suits you


Chicken Chello Kebab

Delicious Persian meal made from minced chicken breast with an array of spices and flavours served with peas rice, fresh salad and a homemade mint sauce.

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Beef Brisket with chilli

Lean beef is marinated for 24hrs then slow cooked for 6 hours giving the most tender meat. Served with steamed sweet potato, broccoli and a gravy sauce.

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Figure out what you want to achieve: your personal health or fitness goal

Food is fundamental to achieving your goals. Eat right and you’ll see the right results.

Choose the package that will get you the results you want

Our meal prep packages have been designed by chefs to not only taste incredible, but using food science to help you get to where you want to be.

Meals are prepared with precision and packed for complete freshness

Your meals are then created for you to the exact specifications needed to help you achieve. They are packed expertly to guarantee their freshness.

Your meals are delivered to your door

Meal Prep delivery at work or at home - or wherever you need them!

Fitness is nutrition: eat and achieve

Your GoFiit meal prep are the perfect complement to your training and lifestyle, helping you to live better.